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The Stone Facade - La Fachada De Piedra

Near Mint (NM or M-)

La Fachada De Piedra

Shadoks Music


Rare LP 15 Titres Limité à 350 Copies. Excellent Psyche 70's Mexicain! 

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Mexican (Guadalajara) Psych on the Shadoks Music label.
LA FACHADA DE PIEDRA 's/t' LP (Germany, Shadoks, Catalogue #052) Brand new/unplayed copy of now LONG OUT OF PRINT Shadoks label LP (a numbered, limited edition of 350 numbered copies only) featuring a side of rare studio tracks (four tracks from the rare 1971 'Rock En Avandaro - Valle De Bravo' commemorative compilation LP and four tracks from a La Fachada De Piedra EP release from 1973 on the Philips label) and a side of previously unreleased live recordings circa 1974, by Guadalajara, Mexico based heavy rock/bluesy psych band La Fachada De Piedra (The Stone Facade).


'Previously unreleased album from 1971 by this great Mexican band with two lead guitarists! One of the longest albums for the Shadoks label, the A side features 8 studio tracks (25 minutes), the B side has 7 live tracks (28 minutes). The 6 piece band hammer out their Cream/Mountain influenced bluesy underground rock complete with English vocals, some electric violin and a touch of Latin percussion. Original songs, loads of psych effects and screaming guitar in a Hendrix like wigout/psych style. Limited edition of 350, numbered copies, housed in the usual heavy cover and pressed on heavy duty vinyl.'

'La Fachada De Piedra (The Stone Facade) formed in 1968 in Guadalajara, Mexico. They never managed to release an album during their heyday but still developed a strong reputation. The band belted out a blend of bluesy underground rock with English vocals and a tad of Latin percussion. They appeared at the Avandaro rock festival in 1971, and contributed four studio tracks to the compilation album that commemorated the event, Rock En Avandaro - Valle De Bravo (Orfeon E-12-761) 1971 R2. These tracks appear on the Shadoks collection.' - Dreams, Fantasies And Nightmares
High-quality 180-gram pressing, with super-heavy cover.

2Everyday Facetrack
3It's Too Badtrack
4Better Watch What You Dotrack
5Walking The Dogtrack
6Sad Shoestrack
7Moving To Fasttrack
8Same Old Storytrack
9Gonna Tell Youtrack
10Turtle Bluestrack
13BB Kingtrack
14Better Watch What You Dotrack
LabelShadoks Music
ArtisteLa Fachada De Piedra
EtatNear Mint (NM or M-)

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The Stone Facade

The Stone Facade

Rare LP 15 Titres Limité à 350 Copies. Excellent Psyche 70's Mexicain! 

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